You will find below a list of some of my more famous streaks, together with links to information for each streak where possible. Have a look! Have a laugh! 

If you wanted to know when, where and why it started, you could read this.


DEFINITELY The Best Streaker In The World

The More Famous Streaks ...
Turner Prize Trial 2012 The trial - and verdict - for the Turner Prize 2011 streak. What will Mark's fate be?
Turner Prize 2011   Mark turns streaking into an art form!
Golf's Ryder Cup 2010   The caped crusader saves the day at Golf's Ryder Cup 2010!
Beijing Olympics The World's best showjumpers are pepped up by the worlds best showman!
Snooker 2008 The Crucible 2008 - The Streaker strikes again - information coming soon!
Bungee 2008! Mark takes time out to streak for himself - at the end of a bungee cord in Bali!
Superbowel Returns! The first Superbowl outside the USA? At Wembley? This is a job for Superbowel!!!
Cannes 2007 Mark turns the Cannes Film Festival on its head and as a result, Mark's antics are subject to a controversial submission for an innovative film being put forward for a Cannes award!
Ryder Cup 2006 Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its Super-Streaker!
Dutch Open 2006 Mark revives his Tutu for another prancing lesson.
Winter Olympics 2006 - Curling! Mark takes Gold and heats up the icy Winter Olympics in Italy!
Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, Spain, 2005 Galactic-ass makes an appearance at the Bernabeu on a very cold November evening.
Valerenga vs Fredrikstad, Norway, 2005 Mark decides to help Norway celebrate their 100 years independence with a streak at their commemorative football game held in the national stadium, Oslo, Norway.
RC Mechelen vs. KV Mechelen, Belgium 2005 Mark takes a trip to Belgium to "visit" the only REAL derby in this fabulous country. Mega thanks to my friends mentioned on this page for making this a very special streak.
Derby Day at the Races 2004 Mark goes in disguise as John McRirick, the famous betting celebrity, complete with necklaces, rings and deer stalker. More soon on this streak.
UEFA Cup Football Final 2004, Sweden Mark gets to grips with the Swedes in this frivolous affair!
Snooker Championships, Sheffield, 2004 Mark gets snookered at these finals. Should he opt for the easy pink or the tight brown?
Superbowel Live at the Superbowl 2004 Live from Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas, Mark performs Riverdance at the US Superbowl!
Barcelona vs. Real Madrid 2003 Live from the Nude-camp, sporting a very fetching goalkeepers glove.
England vs. New Zealand 2003 England vs. New Zealand International Rugby match at Twickenham! Santa the Streaker strikes!
All Ireland Football Finals 2003 Over the Irish Sea to Ireland to grace the All Ireland Football Finals.
David Blaine Stunt Streak 2003 Popped down to Tower Bridge in London where David Blaine was literally hanging out. Performed my own street theatre, "S and S to B and B in 44 minutes!"
Real Madrid, "Goldenballs", 2003 Sporting a scouse "calm-down" wig, coke bottle bottom lens specs and some unfeasibly large false teeth, Mark is passed the ball by the great Ronaldo ...
International Synchronised Swimming Championships, Barcelona, 2003 TOP BOMBIN'..... Initially dressed in a tutu, armed with nothing other than a pair of marigolds, a swimming cap and a clothes peg, our Markyboy will attempt to, once more, woo the spanish and world audience into fits of uncontrollable laughter as he dive bombs the proceedings!
Tour de France, 2003 ZUT ALORS! Mark just could not get enough of France after his recent streak at Roland Garros French Tennis Open Men's Final, so HE'S BACK for an encore! This time on his Hardley Davidson bike at the Tour de Farce!!! 0-60mph in 3.4 days!!!
Bull Run, Pamplona, Spain, 2003 You can't beat a bit o' Bully! Mark gambles his "Prizes" for a speedboat!
Royal Ascot 2003 He's under starters ... and they're off! ... to the delighted squeals of the all-lady crowd. Mark Roberts turns Ladies Day at Ascot into the worlds biggest hen party in one second!
French Open Tennis 2003 Bonjour? ZUT ALORS! Mark Roberts appears as 'Quasimodo' at the Men's Final in the French Tennis Open, Paris, France. He will run on court in his 'Quasimodo Gallop' exclaiming at the top of his voice:- "The balls, ... The Balls ... !"
UEFA Cup Final 2003

*** [Video] ***

One of my biggest streaks so far. I even gave the referee the red card after his favouritism to FC Porto's theatricals!
Commonwealth Summer Games (2002) Mark sets a new slowest record for the 100 meters and lowest record for the high jump.
Wimbledon Men's Final (2002) This was the most boring final in Wimbledon's history! Something had to be done about it!
Champions League Final (2002) Germans and Spaniards in Glasgow? Are we being invaded? Hmmm... let's liven things up a bit! BRAVE TART TO THE RESCUE!!!
Rugby World Cup Final (2001) Yes indeed. Back for more of the same, but this time at the Theatre of Dreams and all it's wonderful, kind and pleasant security staff!
Liberal Democrats (2001) A quality streak at the Liberal Democrats Election! Charles Kennedy, a good sport, did very good adlib post streak also!!! Cheers Chuck.
Anne Widdecombe (2001) Read about Nazi's, the SAS, Special Branch, and an English country pub! Could be the start of a spy novel !!!
Cast - Liverpool (2001) I was invited on stage with the pop group Cast in Liverpool in front of a massive live audience. Craig from Big Brother was also on stage ... videoing.
F.A.Cup Final (2001) Liverpool vs. Arsenal at the Millennium stadium.
Liverpool vs. Chelsea (2000) A week on from my previous attempted streak at Anfield, I tried again, this time against Chelsea in the Worthington Cup.
Liverpool vs. Everton (2000) Attempted streak at the League Derby.
Wimbledon Streak (2000) 

*** [Video] ***

My Streak at the Anna Kournikova Match at Wimbledon, 2000 hit national news (Read the Daily Mirror Report here). A nation in laughter!
External report by the BBC here.
Mr Universe (2000) Seeing as Miss World was attempted, I thought I'd have a pop at Mr. Universe as well !
Miss World 2000 Another attempt. Another hilarious read !
Miss World 1999 The streak that never was. A good read !
Rugby World Cup Final (1999) Story from the Rugby World Cup Final 1999 from the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff. Mark dodges the Crown Prosecution Service! (Also, read the South Wales Echo Report here).
The Crufts Streak (1999) Bow WOW !!! New breed found at Crufts! 
Man United vs. Charlton (1999) Read how a sudden change of mind lead to the breaching of the best football security in the world !
National Lottery (1998) The year I finally made it onto the stage !
National Lottery (1997) The second years attempt !
Play House Theatre (1997) Jumped on stage during performance of "I’m Marrying Robbie Fowler" and approached lead actor stating "If you’re Robbie Fowler, I am Graeme Soun’arse".
National Lottery (1996) The first National Lottery streak, including The Crucible's Snooker attempt. Jumped out of the audience naked, apart from a specially made "It could be you" hand positioned over my parts, with "Pick out my balls" written on my back, but was "tackled" by security guards as I got to the stage.
John Aldridge Testimonial (1996) This became the first ever legal streak after the police gave me permission to run onto the pitch with a shin pad covering my parts.
London Marathon (1996) Ran the final 100 yards of the race, behind the leader with my body painted green and specially made sunflower positioned on my head. Theme this time was a "Storker".
The Grand National (1995) Ran onto the course during the parade of National Runners "wearing" a cowboy hat, Mexican moustache and a child's gun belt, with "Rawhide" written on my back.
British Open Golf Tournament (1995) Ran onto the 18th green, seconds after the winning put, dressed in cloth cap with a set of children's clubs slung over my shoulder and "19th Hole" written on my back with an arrow pointing to my bottom (a picture of this is now on the cover of a Golf Book, aptly titled "The 19th Hole").
"Fred" / The Big Breakfast (1995+)
"Fred" (Part 1)
The Big Breakfast (Part 1)
The Big Breakfast (Part 2)
"Fred" (Part 2)
Jumped onto Fred’s Weather map during a live broadcast and read out the weather whilst causing a storm all over Britain. Richard and Judy and The Big Breakfast TV programmes wanted to get in on the act after that !

This streak made it into the Top 10 TV Nightmares !

Unity Theatre, Liverpool (1995) Ran onto the stage during a play and joined in.
Liverpool vs. Arsenal (1994) Ran onto the pitch and started doing press-ups on the penalty spot whilst Liverpool were playing ‘Arse’nal in the Coca Cola Cup.
Liverpool vs. Everton (1994) Ran onto the pitch with message written on my back "Brian Clough is an …." with arrows pointing to my bottom, relating to his comments about the Liverpool Supporters after the Hillsborough disaster.
Rugby 7's Hong Kong (1994) Back again for a repeat performance and a repeat buzz !
Viceroy Cup Hong Kong (1993) Ran two lengths of the pitch at Chinese equivalent of English F.A. Cup and scored a "Body Goal" at each end (a first at a Chinese football match).
Rugby 7’s Hong Kong (1993) Ran the full length of the pitch whilst the New Zealand "All Blacks" were playing the South African "Springboks". Picked up the ball on the way and scored a try. The second streak came a short while later during the final - I ran the full length of the pitch, picked up the ball on the way and scored a try and then converted it!