David Blaine 2003

Mark Roberts is ...

In The Box
On The Box
Off His Box!

Mark Roberts joined David Blaine on his 44 day stunt without food. Our Mark started his stunt in his own 7'x5'x4' foot Perspex box underneath David Blaine from 15:00 hours on 12th October 2003 for what was planned to be only 44 minutes but was eventually well over two hours due to the massive crowd interest!

The box was fixed to the floor to prevent being "moved on" by the authorities.

"From Sober and Starving
To Bladdered and Bloated
in 44 minutes!!!"

Mark stunt was to attempt to eat and drink as much as possible for 44 minutes. He "aged" every fifteen minutes before the crowd's very eyes... with various wigs and moustache guises. 

He started wearing nothing but his own adult sized nappy and his charming smile, progressing though "beards", "wigs" and other disguises as his lack of shaving after each quarter of an hour progressed.

Marky and the lads unload the TARDIS
(Time And Relative Dimensions In Streaking)

Under the bridge

And he is IN!

David Blaine looks on in curiosity!

Mark starts his quest, clean shaven!

Onlookers marvel at his antics!

Oops, a bit of chicken on my chin!

15 minutes gone, Mark "changes"!!!

Hair grown and a dodgy moustache appear!

David Blaine urges him on !!!

Away he goes, kareoke ... the crowd lap it up!

Singing his new single "The Streak"

Getting tired now !!!

Next change, an unfeasibly long beard!!!