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No sooner had the men's 1,000m speed skating medal ceremony concluded, the now distinguished and world record breaking streaker stepped out to give the audience a dance. Our dashing daredevil entered the world stage once more on the ice in PyeongChang sporting a pink tutu and had the words "Peace + Love" written on his chest.

Together with his novelty underwear - a monkey emblazoned pouch - Mark began dancing around the Gangneung Oval like a figure skater, and started off as every new skater does - with a slip and a bump to the floor. As with other determined Olympians, he got up, dusted himself down, and went for gold!

E-Mail thestreaker@hotmail.co.uk 

The great thing about the Olympics is that, apart from bringing nations together, even if you donít especially care about sports, it still provides a whole bevy of authentic human moments to indulge in. Heartbreaking defeats. Joyous moments of levity... and a guy in a pink tutu, streaking on the ice.

Mark's mission this time was to promote an international spirit of togetherness. The long-haired dreaming Liverpudlian father-of-three wants to ask the world to be a little better. Thank you, Markyboy, you tutu-wearing streaker. May we carry the spirit of the Olympics with us always, together with a bit of British stiff-upper-lippedness.

The judges are currently in scoring to see if Mark has achieved another personal best!

Vive La France!

Mark Roberts stars on the front cover of L'Equipe.
France's premier journal!

Cooking made easy!

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Don't forget ... Whatever the meal, make it want to eat you!

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Mark teams up with
The Dustaphonics!

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full hilarious track called The Message!

Is there a decent writer out there with enough humour, imagination and zest who can put my story together to enthrall the world even more? 

There MUST be someone out there so lets get it down and order a pizza! Hurry while the ovens hot!

Sorry mate, formal dress only :)I would like to thank everyone who has taken time-out to send messages of goodwill and support over the last few years.
I'm sorry if I haven't replied to all of you but, as you can imagine, I get 'tied up' a lot and it's difficult to write or use a keyboard when your hands are handcuffed behind your back! 
Seriously though, I receive so many heart-warming words of encouragement from every corner of the universe, even ET hasn't had a reply yet! 
I really appreciate your e-mails so please keep them coming and, once again, thanks for taking the time. 

Lots of love and keep smilin', - Mark 


 VIDEO CLIP - Mark upsets Nicole!

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Mark has been working hard recently getting thrown out of a Renault People Carrier in Spain!!!

An advert currently being aired on Spanish TV shows our Mark being 'kidnapped' in a Renault people carrier and then bundled out at the top of a mountain and deserted as the van drives away. The advert then shows a Spanish football game with commentary suggesting that Renault have done Spain a favour in 'removing' the possibility of our hero streaking at the game. It then clips back to Mark who has found a 'friend' :)

- Mark gets Gold in Winter Olympics Curling.
- Interviews in Spain, and on Radio New Zealand are just a few of Marks follow ups from GALACTIC-ASS.
- The Streaker NOT GUILTY of causing harassment, distress and alarm to the public whilst surfing naked on top of a Liverpool bus. Please note that streaking naked on top of a moving bus is not recommended and should be left to professionals!!!
- The Streaker website was temporarily suspended while the court case for the Oval streak was pursued. Fined £150 and on his way home, we are now fully up and running again :)
- Mark Roberts has just visited France to find out his verdict of the Roland Garros streak
   He has been fined 500 euros and is now back in the UK. 
   More video footage information at www.france2.fr
   (You may wish to fast forward to 13:29 in the video unless you want a French lesson :0)
- Mark Roberts guilty of Trespass at the Superbowl XXXVIII
- NOT GUILTY - Royal Ascot and Crown Prosecution Service drop all charges. More here.
- New pictures are in of Hardley Davidson!
Mark Roberts has streaked over 380 times since his first streak over ten years ago?!

- Superbowel Returns! This time at Wembley!
- Cannes Film Festival! Mark turns Cannes on its head!
- GALACTIC-ASS at the Bernabeu !
- The Ashes Final Test, The Oval, September 2005
- Norways commemorative streak!
- The derby streak in Belgium!
- UEFA Cup Football Final, Sweden
- Embassy World Snooker, UK
The Superbowl XXXVIII
- Barcelona vs. Real Madrid 
- England vs. New Zealand Rugby
- David Blaine the Magician
- All-Ireland Football Final
Royal Ascot, England