Roberts vs. Regina


The verdict rang out around Manchester Crown Court. Cheers and gasps were heard as Mark Roberts succeeded where everyone else had failed since the early 1800's.

Mark Roberts, 38, of Liverpool, was charged with causing a public nuisance following his streak, performed in front of the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

But the prosecution offered no evidence at Manchester Crown Court on Tuesday and Mr Roberts was bound over to keep in peace in the sum of 400.

Mr Roberts ran down the track at the City of Manchester Stadium in July last year, after the men's 100-metre final.

After viewing an amateur video of the incident, prosecution counsel Jamie Hamilton said he had difficulty in proving the charge of public nuisance because the crowd was cheering and clapping.

Chris Stables, defending, said his client's agreement to be bound over to keep the peace was no admittance of the offence.

Mr Stables told the court: "As he crossed the finishing line his image was flashed up on the large screens."

Judge Martin Rudland said a different view may be taken by the court if Mr Roberts is caught streaking again.

He added: "You should be aware of that as you conduct yourself in the future."

Mr Roberts had "The Snack" written on his chest and "Just for Fun and Games" on his back when he ran the race, wagging his finger at the crowd.

Previous convictions

Speaking outside court Mr Roberts said he would abide by any orders made by the court.

But he later said he had no plans to "retire".

"I enjoy the buzz of it all," he said.

"I have done so many major events and every time get the same response.

"It's all about creating humour."

The court was told that Mr Roberts has six previous convictions in connection with streaking.

He has previously been seen at Hampden Park, Glasgow, for the Champions League final and at Wimbledon.

Once out of the court, a free man, Mark Roberts was interviewed by the BBC and then went on his way performing the "Morecambe and Wise" exit walk!

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