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Alex Zanardi

On Sept. 15, 2001, Italian race car driver Alex Zanardi was involved in a horrifying crash at a CART race in Germany. Both legs were instantly severed and doctors worked furiously to halt the bleeding. Miraculously, Zanardi survived. And though it appeared that the two-time CART champion's driving career was finished, he embarked on a remarkable comeback. Zanardi took an active role in designing prosthetics that would allow him to resume everyday activities such as walking, swimming and driving. In May, he settled in behind the wheel of a specially equipped race car that allowed him to shift and accelerate using his hands. Reaching speeds of nearly 200 mph, Zanardi ran several laps at Germany's EuroSpeedway -- the site of his near-fatal crash -- and completed the race he didn't finish a year and a half ago. REAL SPORTS presents Zanardi's amazing story of courage and conviction.
Correspondent: Bryant Gumbel.
Beverly Hills High

In June, renowned investigator Erin Brockovich and her colleagues at the law firm of Masry & Vititoe filed suit on behalf of a group of students who attended Beverly Hills High School between 1977 and 1996, claiming that toxic fumes from oil wells operating on campus caused them to become sick with Hodgkin's disease and other illnesses. Brockovich, whose role in a 1996 water pollution case was the subject of a hit movie, is representing the families of 21 students, two of whom have died from cancer. The derrick, which has not operated since May, sits on a plot of land next to the athletic fields, where teams practice and phys ed classes are conducted. Initially targeting more than two dozen oil and gas companies, the suit was expanded recently to include claims against the city of Beverly Hills and the school district. REAL SPORTS takes a closer look at this high-profile case.
Correspondent: Derek McGinty.
The Streaker

If you've ever seen Mark Roberts, chances are you've seen a whole lot of him. Roberts, 38, of Liverpool, England, is famous for crashing high-profile sporting events...naked. By his own account, he's streaked at more than 300 affairs, including last year's Wimbledon. REAL SPORTS presents a revealing profile of Mark Roberts and his unique impact on the world of sports.
Correspondent: Bernard Goldberg.

Soccer star David Beckham is one of the most famous sportsmen in the world. So why did his sale from Manchester United to rival Real Madrid last month make but a ripple in U.S. sports pages, while it generated a tidal wave of publicity elsewhere around the globe? The handsome midfielder, who played tirelessly for the world's most famous sports franchise, who married a beautiful pop star, whose appeal seemingly transcends age, gender and nationality, who named his first son Brooklyn, is just now starting to emerge on the American sports scene. REAL SPORTS, in collaboration with Sports Illustrated, takes a closer look at David Beckham, a phenomenon almost everywhere on the planet but here.
Correspondent Frank Deford
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