The Streaker Meets Colonel Gadaffi

- World champion streaker lucky to be alive
- British man's Libyan stunt goes awry

by Tyrone Cowley

Prolific streaker Mark Roberts was today discharged from the Gadaffi Hospital in Libya, almost a week after his latest stunt went horribly wrong. 
Roberts, 38, was seriously injured when the crowd turned against him as he ran naked at a military parade in Tripoli.

Roberts was in Tripoli to further bolster his reputation as "World Champion Streaker" by going stark-bollock jogging during the National Islamic Unity Day parade in Tripoli. The event was attended by Libya's top clerics and leader Colonel Gadaffi. Unfortunately, the stunt immediately turned to tragedy as a horde of more than 80,000 people set upon the naked Englishman. He was eventually rescued by government soldiers.

The hilarious exhibitionist - who was punched, kicked and buggered unconscious by the angry mob - made light of the situation as he left the hospital, asking reporters "How did Everton do at the weekend?" Doctors shook their heads in disbelief as he hobbled into a taxi for Gadaffi Airport, saying Roberts is "lucky to be alive".

Roberts is Britain's most notorious streaker. He has made over 150 side-splitting performances at public events, including the Wimbledon Finals and the European Champions League final. His sponsors include Marlboro and Channel Four Racing.

Speaking on his arrival back at Heathrow, Roberts said: "I don't think I'll return to Libya for some time. This experience has made me realise that British audiences really are the best in the world."